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 The Sentinel

VFW Post 3935     Volume 05  Issue 1            January/February 2005               

Kommander’s Corner

Dear Comrades and Sisters:

Happy New Year.  The Holiday Season is behind us and we look forward to a banner year for the post.  We hailed in the New Year with a New Years Eve party at the post.  Those in attendance will agree it was a real hoot.  Those who missed it missed a real treat. 

Our January meeting was held in an informal round table discussion format to encourage open exchange of fresh ideas.  I must say it was very productive and ideas were numerous and free-flowing.  Among the initiatives undertaken was a professional cleaning of the kitchen and replacement of tables in the banquet hall.  Both of these will pay dividends and make our post a better place. 

A new year brings us new (or not so new) challenges.  Everyone can help us to fulfill our charter.  Everyone can do something…bring in a new member, convert your membership to a life membership, send us a post card telling our Services Officer how you helped a veteran in need, volunteer to head one of our committees, give blood, volunteer to sponsor a Wednesday night mini-dinner, or just attend a post general meeting and bring your good ideas.  All of this helps further our cause.

I look forward to working with each of you in the coming year, and ask you to take an active role in the future of Post 3935 and the VFW of the United States.


Clay Cowgill, Sr. Vice Commander

Trivia and stuff

4 January 1493: Christopher Columbus began his journey back to Spain to report his discovery.

8 January 1935:  Elvis Presley was born.

 16 January 1920: Prohibition became the law of the land and America went dry.

 24 January 1848:  The California gold rush began when nuggets were discovered at Sutter’s Mill

5 February 1985: The longest war in history ended.  The Third Punic War, between Rome and Carthage, was ended with a treaty – 2,131 years after it began.

12 February 1809:  Abraham Lincoln was born.

14 February 1849:  President James Polk became the first president to be photographed while in office.

23 February 1945:  The U.S. flag was raised on Mount Surabachi, Iwo Jima.

National News

Will be back next issue.

This Month

Looking Forward

Post Meeting: 3 February 1900 hours.  Please attend and bring your good ideas.

Valentines Day:  14 February

21 February:  President’s Day.


Kitchen Schedule

Mini-Dinners:  Every Wednesday from 1730 hours till it’s gone.  Donation is still only $4.00.

Post Dinners:  19 February.  Join us for Barbara’s killer Chicken Fried Steak.  1800 hours.

Post Breakfast:  13 February…don’t miss it.

Worth Repeating


     During my stay in Port Hueneme, I am continually impressed with our team.  This is especially apparent in the core group of members that that keeps our post running. 

All of this would not be possible without our dedicated leaders and staff.  Our volunteer bartenders answer the post phone, and will serve you with a smile, working only for your thanks and whatever tips you leave for them.  We couldn’t do without them.  Did I mention they are all volunteers.  And the Auxiliary, our partners are always there for us.  They especially provide the ambience. 

     In November, about 12 of our members traveled to the Wadsworth VA Hospital to visit our comrades.  The Auxiliary put together lap robes and "care" packages, with the generous financial support from Walmart.  I especially enjoy this rewarding activity, bringing some cheer to our fellow Veterans on the mend.

     We are also doing some maintenance on our ventilation system, which should improve the air quality in the club section.  Art and George recently spent two days cleaning and wax the entire floor in the social hall.  What a difference!  And, we are upgrading our computer system resources.  We are working on a web site and hope to have the newsletter available online for those with Internet access.  I'm looking for more fellow geeks to continue this effort. 

     Wednesday mini-dinners continue to be a decided success.  A real deal for $4-5. 

On Thanksgiving, the Post hosted a turkey dinner with all the trimmings.  I brought my 85year old mom who really appreciated the friendship and good food. 


    We did something a bit different at our November Post meeting.  We met in an informal roundtable discussion format, which produced some fresh ideas.  Commander Hague emphasized the continuing need to grow in order to meet our members needs and fulfill our posts' mission. 

     Indeed, we are not just a building.  From our military experience, we could operate just as well out of a leaky tent, a floating hulk or something, that with the good Lord willing, …flies.  As a service organization our most valuable assets are our members.  Our stint in the military was just a start and we continue that team effort. 

     How can we improve our post, help each other and our community?  We'd like your thoughts and input.  Feel free to talk to any of our officers.  Put a note in the suggestion box.  Send an e-mail or letter.  And come visit us. 

     And sure, there is a buy-in.  We are always looking for more team members to share this rewarding experience.  And, …the more the merrier. 

God Bless

Jay R. Schrand

VFW 8241 member,

VFW 3935 guest

Curmudgeon at large

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